How does GreenCat® work?

GreenCat® is made from activated carbon. Once its mixed in your cat litter, the carbon automatically adsorbs all the bad smells on contact. Read more on our Technology page.

Is GreenCat® safe?

Yes, absolutely. It’s made from all natural ingredients.

Will it bother my cat?

No, the opposite. Cats really don’t like the heavy perfume found in many cat litter deodorizers.
With GreenCat® you’ll get a fragrance-free additive which your cat will appreciate.

How long will it last?

It depends on how many cats are using the litter box, but on average GreenCat® eliminates odors for up to 10 days, when used by one to two cats.

How much should I use?

Packages are pre-measured. Just pour and mix one pouch of GreenCat® in clean cat litter and its ready.

Where can I buy it?

GreenCat® is available in retail outlets throughout the US. Send us an email and we’ll let you know where to find your nearest retailer.